Mt. Redoubt is rumbling and could erupt at any moment

Mt. Redoubt is rumbling and could erupt at any moment . . . make sure your family, home and office space are prepared for ash.
CIRI will follow its business continuity plan guidelines (see previous story) if a volcanic eruption disrupts work schedules. Building managers will immediately shut down the CIRI building’s ventilation system to protect sensitive electronic and computer equipment from being damaged by fine ash particles. There should be no need to cover anything with plastic. The IT department will monitor the situation and decide if further steps need to be taken to protect CIRI equipment.
There are several websites you can visit for volcano updates and/or information about preparing your family and property for an ash fall:

Current Activity for all Alaska Volcanoes — Alaska Volcano Observatory

Volcano Air Quality Information — Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services

VOLCANIC ASH…What It Can Do and How to Prevent Damage — U.S. Department of Interior

What To Do if a Volcano Erupts — U.S. Geological Survey

Download these documents by clicking on their titles:

Ash Alert! – Alaska Division of Emergency Services

Protecting Children from Ash Related Health Hazards

Removing Volcanic Ash from the Home

Driving and Vehicle Maintenance