SPC Terms Extended

With the goal of increasing two-way communication between CIRI and its shareholders, identifying issues of immediate and long-term importance to shareholders and descendants, and educating shareholders and descendants on the corporation’s mission, business operations, corporate policies and other matters, the Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC) provides a vital link between CIRI and its shareholders. The SPC is comprised of three subcommittees – the Anchorage Committee; the Alaska Committee, made up of shareholders who live in Alaska outside Anchorage; and the Lower 48 and Hawaii Committee.

In a typical year, interested and eligible shareholders are asked to return a completed application to CIRI, which includes explaining why they wish to become SPC members and describing the qualities or skills they possess that they believe would be beneficial to serving. Applications are typically included in CIRI’s first proxy mailing in mid- to late-April and must be received no later than the day of that year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The SPC meets twice yearly – in October, in conjunction with the Anchorage Friendship Potlatch, and in June, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s June SPC meeting was cancelled. Because of the cancellation, rather than solicit for new members this year, the terms of currently serving SPC members have been extended an additional year. For more information, including a list of SPC members, visit ciri.com/shareholder-participation-committees.