Annual Meeting prize winners

The 2013 annual meeting of CIRI shareholders included cash door-prize drawings for shareholders who submitted a valid proxy by the proxy deadline for any proxy holder or candidate, or registered to vote in person at the annual meeting. The cash prize winners are:
$ 5,000 Connie Sue Judson
$ 2,500 Steanie Matea Vouvakis
$750 Lenhart Alex Grothe
$750 Alissa Jeanette Bate
$750 Terri Lynn Houston
$750 Amelia Victoria Mainord
$750 Phillip Graham
$500 Dakota Ethan Palmer
$500 Virgil Dasius McCord Jr
$500 Beverly Ann McCord
$500 Marie Ann Price
$500 Pola Ann Farve
$100 April Deana Herzog
$100 George Julius Gardner III
$100 Ruby Munson
$100 Bruce William Holt
$100 George Shafter Toshavik
$100 Barbara Hochmuth
$100 Raymond Jackson Ozenna
$100 Wanda Jean Haugdahl
$100 Virginia Mae Hand
$100 Mitchel Leion Rondeau