Resource Revenue payment amount being determined

The amount of this year’s resource revenue – or 7(j) – payment is not yet known. The amount is based on revenues received from other regions in the prior year, as well as CIRI’s payments to other regions in the prior year, and is calculated shortly after the company’s annual audited financial statements for the prior year are approved. Once calculated, the amount will be immediately announced to shareholders via the CIRI website and dividend hotline (263-5100 or 1-800-764-2435), with the actual distribution made shortly thereafter (usually within the first two weeks of April).

As for why some shareholders receive a 7(j) payment from CIRI and others do not, the law requires resource revenue amounts associated with at-large shares to be paid directly to the shareholder, and amounts associated with village-class shares to be paid to the associated village.

Additional information on resource revenue payments is available on the CIRI website at