The CIRI Foundation joins other CIRI nonprofits to benefit from Pick.Click.Give.

The CIRI Foundation is now eligible to receive donations through Pick.Click.Give., a program that allows Alaska residents to donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) to nonprofit organizations around Alaska. Three CIRI-founded nonprofits benefited from charitable gifts made by Alaskans through the 2012 Pick.Click.Give. program and are eligible to benefit from the program again in 2013: the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Native Justice Center and Koahnic Broadcast Corporation. 
The CIRI Foundation has served the Native community for more than 30 years by awarding technical training grants and general scholarships to recipients who are CIRI original enrollees and to the direct lineal descendants of original enrollees. The CIRI Foundation’s Education and Heritage Project Grant Program offers educational, cultural and heritage grants to nonprofit and tribal organizations that benefit CIRI original enrollees, their descendants and other Alaskans. 
The Pick.Click.Give. program offers a great opportunity for PFD recipients to help The CIRI Foundation provide more opportunities to students and project grantees. 
The Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) is a cultural and educational center that provides crosscultural exchanges, workshops, educational programs, cultural events, demonstrations and guided tours of its authentic village sites. ANHC provides legal advocacy, referral and support services. Koahnic Broadcast Corporation is a media center that broadcasts Native voices to Alaska and the nation. 
Learn more about The CIRI Foundation at, the Alaska Native Heritage Center at, the Alaska Native Justice Center at and Koahnic Broadcast Corp. at
To donate, simply click on the Pick.Click.Give. option when applying for your Permanent Fund Dividend online and follow the instructions listed.