Update to CIRI Recreational Land Use Permitting Policy

Update to CIRI Recreational Land Use Permitting Policy

One of CIRI’s corporate values is respect, which includes respect for the land and promoting responsible stewardship of CIRI resources. The company prioritizes the use of its land by shareholders and descendants for cultural, subsistence and recreational activities. When the activities are consistent with CIRI values, the company may also provide access opportunities to the general public.

  • Everyone who wishes to access CIRI land, including shareholders and descendants, must have a recreational land use permit. To apply for a permit, visit app.oncamino.com/CIRI.
  • Members of the general public who apply for recreational land use permits will now be charged an administrative fee. Fees do NOT apply to CIRI shareholders and descendants.


Like many rural properties, CIRI land is vulnerable to trespass. Trespass activities run the gamut, from recreational and vehicular trespass to timber harvesting and illegal camping. If you observe trespass activity, gather as much information as you safely can—including time and date of the suspected violation, identifying features of the suspect or vehicle, and location and description of the violation—and report back to CIRI by emailing [email protected] or calling (907) 274-8638 and leaving a message. (For your protection, do not attempt to confront trespassers.)

If you have questions regarding CIRI’s recreational use permitting policy or any questions for the CIRI Land and Resources department, email [email protected].