CIRI Spotlight: Alina Ancell

Visitors to CIRI’s corporate offices at 2525 C Street in Anchorage have been warmly greeted by receptionist and CIRI shareholder Alina Ancell. Not for long though. Ancell recently accepted a position as a resources technician and administrative assistant in CIRI’s Land and Resources Department, where she will provide technical, project management and administrative support.
Ancell was born in Kotzebue to CIRI shareholder Sandra Fuentes. She moved to Anchorage at the age of three where she was raised by her mother and father, Mario Fuentes, along with an older brother, younger sister and two younger brothers. In 2010 she moved to Seward, Alaska to attend AVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology, where she earned a general business and office assistant certification. She is currently working toward earning a bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in computer information at the University of Alaska Anchorage while continuing to work full-time at CIRI.
Sadly, Ancell’s mother, Sandra Fuentes, passed away in January 2011. Fuentes worked at Providence Hospital for NANA Management Services as a housekeeping supervisor. She was known professionally for her strong work ethic and personally for her warmth and compassion. Ancell, along with her 18-year-old sister, helps care for her two younger siblings who are now ages 12 and 16.
“Having a strong work ethic was really important to my mom, and she instilled that in me,” said Ancell. “I have worked since the age of 14. With support from The CIRI Foundation and Cook Inlet Tribal Council, I am working towards completing my degree.”
As CIRI’s receptionist, Ancell was able to get a good idea of what different departments do. Her interest was piqued when CIRI began recruiting a resources technician and administrative assistant in the Land and Resources Department because she has a genuine interest in land management.
“I am looking forward to furthering my career at CIRI,” said Ancell. “This is a stepping stone in the long career I hope to have here.”
Outside of work and school, Ancell enjoys volunteering her time at CIRI-organized volunteering events and recently participated in the 2012 Choose Respect March.