Wells Fargo Check Cashing Fees

Wells Fargo typically charges a $7.50 fee to individuals who do not have a Wells Fargo bank account but wish to cash a check issued from a Wells Fargo bank account. That fee is waived for CIRI shareholders who wish to cash checks issued to them by CIRI or the CIRI Settlement Trust (CST), provided the shareholder has two valid forms of legal identification (ID) that meet the following requirements:

  • The primary piece of ID must be a driver’s license or other state- or government-issued ID containing a photograph.
  • The name on the secondary ID must match the name on the primary ID, and the ID must be issued by a recognized business, educational institution or government agency; contain a document number; and not be expired. For example, your CIRI ID card may be used as a piece of secondary ID.

If you are cashing your CIRI or CST check at a Wells Fargo branch and are presented with a check cashing fee by the teller, request to speak with the branch manager directly and they will ensure that the fee is not required. Please contact CIRI Shareholder Relations with any questions.