Since 1995, CIRI’s Shareholder Participation Committees (SPCs) have helped increase two-way communication between CIRI and its shareholders, identify issues of immediate and long-term importance to shareholders and descendants, and educate shareholders and descendants on the corporation’s mission, business operations, corporate policies and other matters.

The SPCs are comprised of three subcommittees – the Anchorage Committee; the Alaska Committee, made up of shareholders who live in Alaska outside of Anchorage; and the Lower 48 and Hawaii Committee. Each of the three committees has nine adult voting shareholders, who generally serve three-year terms, as well as a youth representative, who serves a one-year term. The SPCs meet in June and October of each year.

Ever wondered about your fellow shareholders serving on the SPCs, their background and culture, hobbies and interests? Perhaps you have a question and would like to reach out? CIRI recently created a webpage featuring the adult SPC members! View bios, contact information and more at

For information about becoming a youth or adult SPC member, visit