Shareholder Participation Committee Members

Please join CIRI in welcoming the following new Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC) members:

Alaska SPC Committee

Glenn A. Carlo, Fairbanks
Brian K. Finley, FairbanksAriana M. Smith, Trapper Creek
Tiffany E. Stonecipher, Ninilchik*

Anchorage SPC Committee

Edward A. Jones
Tony C. Kruger
Kayla Reiser

Lower 48 and Hawaii SPC Committee

Kristen D. Barnett, Maine*
Cynthia Demientieff, Oklahoma
Tammy S. Kopotic, Wisconsin
Thomas D. Yates III, Oklahoma

*Selected to fill vacated term

Each year, SPC members are chosen through a drawing from the names of voting shareholders who are at least 18 years of age, have indicated an interest in participating on a committee and have correctly answered a questionnaire about CIRI that is mailed to all voting shareholders prior to the Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

This year, 333 shareholders submitted questionnaires. Of these, 116 (approximately 35 percent) questionnaires were answered correctly. The most frequently missed question was “If two shareholders have the same email address on file with CIRI (for example, a husband and wife), only one may create a Qenek account using that email address.” The correct answers for the 2017 questionnaire are shown here: