Direct Deposit

CIRI is pleased to offer direct deposit of distributions. Direct deposit safeguards against misplaced, lost, or stolen checks, and it helps you to receive your payments faster.

When you participate in the direct deposit program, funds are electronically transmitted to your account on the same day checks are mailed to shareholders without direct deposit. There is no need to wait until your check arrives in the mail, and no need to make a trip to the bank.

Shareholders whose distributions are directly deposited should be sure that the name on the CIRI records matches the name on the bank account; otherwise, the bank will reject the deposit. They should also continue to either update their addresses in Qenek or send a signed address change request to the Shareholder Relations Department any time their address changes, and should also keep their address updated with the Postal Service. Failure to do so typically results in CIRI mail being returned as undeliverable. When this occurs, distributions are held, interest-free, and the shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated.