A Word from Our President

In June, I was fortunate to lead an executive breakout session during our spring CIRI Participation Committee (CPC) meeting. The CPC (formerly Shareholder and Descendant Participation Committees) is comprised of Shareholders and confirmed Descendants who reside in Anchorage, elsewhere in Alaska, and across the Lower 48 and Hawaii. Twice a year—in the spring, to coincide with our Annual Meeting, and in the fall—CPC members dedicate their time to learning more about their corporation and providing feedback to the CIRI Board and executive team. In the spring, they also offer boots-on-the-ground assistance during our Annual Meeting.

We have an incredible group of CPC members this year, and their collective role in our corporation is such an important one! It was an honor to participate in the spring meeting. Engaging and sharing information with those we serve is essential for the health and success of our corporation. At the same time, hearing directly from our CPC members helps us better understand the concerns and priorities of our Shareholders and Descendants.

A big thank you to our Shareholder and Descendant Programs team for putting together a robust agenda and leading the day! In addition to updates on CIRI’s business operations, corporate goals and numerous other topics, the meeting included tours of CIRI’s Fireweed Business Center and several of Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s affordable-housing communities, lunch with CIRI Board members and executives, and information on CIRI’s stock gifting campaign.

“It was very enlightening getting to know CIRI and my fellow committee members,” one CPC member reported on the post-meeting feedback survey. “It was a moving experience to listen to so many parallel life stories, and I felt truly ‘In the Family.’”

“I learned so much and I am so glad I was there,” another wrote. “I have shared with my mom, sisters and their families just how impressed I am with our team there at CIRI, and how much I hope our (young Shareholders and Descendants) can add to CIRI’s future.”

While feedback was resoundingly positive, a few suggested improvements included more time for CPC members to interact with one another, more breaks/downtime built into the meeting schedule and the opportunity to attend all breakout sessions. We will be keeping this information in mind as we plan future meetings. For more information, visit ciri.com/CPC.

Our next in-person Shareholder and Descendant events are our Friendship Potlatches. I look forward to seeing you this fall in Kenai, Alaska (Oct. 14), Anchorage (Oct. 22) and the Seattle area (Nov. 4)!

Warm regards,
Sophie Minich