Board Corner

A Message from CIRI Board Chair Doug Fifer

Welcome to the inaugural Board Corner! This will be a regular feature over the next several months, as it will give our shareholders a chance to better know their Board, both as a group and as individuals.

The CIRI Board is comprised of 15 Directors who bring a mix of knowledge, skills, abilities and perspectives to their respective roles, yet we are united in our desire to build and sustain a longstanding, profitable corporation that promotes the economic and social well-being of our shareholders.

I came on as Board chair following the 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders in June, succeeding Chair Emeritus Tom Huhndorf. I have served on the CIRI Board since 2006 and as vice chair since 2013.

With the goal of bringing new ideas, differing viewpoints and diversity to our Board, in 2018, the CIRI Board implemented a term-limit policy that limits the number of terms a Director may serve. In the coming years, your Board will be seeking out shareholders who are qualified and interested in Board service.

The Board strives to elect Directors who are active in their corporation, so if Board service is of interest to you, I recommend attending CIRI events, such as Information Meetings and the Annual Meeting in the spring and Potlatches in the fall. And don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and share your background with us!

Another avenue that can prepare aspiring Board candidates is service on CIRI’s Shareholder Participation Committees (SPC). SPC members regularly interface with CIRI Directors, with seven SPC members going on to serve on the CIRI Board thus far. I simply can’t say enough about how valuable the SPC program has proven to be for CIRI.

CIRI also has a number of programs that allow the younger generation to get more involved with their corporation, beginning with our Youth Art Contest and culminating with CIRI’s Summer Internship Program, with many other opportunities along the way. I invite you to learn more about youth programs at

If you have questions, comments or suggestions as to how your Board might better serve our shareholders, I encourage you to email