Program participation prizes

Eligibility update: Current mailing address required

To increase participation in certain programs, CIRI holds incentive prize drawings from the names of those enrolled who meet certain criteria. To be eligible for the stock will participation prize drawings, shareholders must have a valid stock will on file that complies with CIRI’s fractional share policy, and to have their names included in the eNewsletter drawing, shareholders must be enrolled in the eNewsletter Program and have a valid email address on file.

To encourage shareholders to keep their addresses updated, an additional eligibility requirement has been added to each program featuring participation prize drawings:

The mailing address on file with CIRI must be current. If CIRI has returned mail for the selected individual, a different winner will be selected.

Visit the CIRI website or call (907) 263-5191 or (800) 764-2474 to learn more about prize drawings or for information on how to update your address.