2021 CIRI C3 Experience Goes Virtual

By CIRI summer intern Luke Layman

Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Heidi Christenses leads a session on traditional wellness.

Returning from a year of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CIRI C3 Experience went virtual for the first time this year. For three days in August, CIRI hosted virtual sessions with topics that ranged from Alaska Native history, stories and traditions to college preparation and career development. Participants of all ages created a personalized experience based on their areas of interest. Sessions included:

  • Career Planning and Mapping/Resume Workshop
  • CIRI and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
  • College Application Tips and UAA Native Student Services Overview
  • Cultural Awareness Workshop
  • Educational Funding Opportunities with The CIRI Foundation
  • Indigenous Place Names Project and Dena’ina History
  • Job Search and Interview Tips
  • Traditional Healing and Holistic Wellbeing
  • Transition to College

Recordings of all sessions can be accessed online at ciri.com/c3. Shareholders, descendants and members of the general public are invited to watch, listen and learn at their convenience!

Since its inaugural year in 2018, the purpose of the CIRI C3 Experience is for young CIRI shareholders and descendants to immerse themselves in Alaska Native culture, gain leadership skills, and prepare for college and their careers. The program also fosters partnership with the CIRI family of nonprofits, including the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Cook Inlet Tribal Council and The CIRI Foundation, all of which contribute to sessions that help youth prepare for life after high school.

We would like to thank our guest presenters and all those who participated in the 2021 Virtual C3 Experience!