Missing shareholders, June 2014

The following CIRI shareholders do not have a current mailing address on record. When CIRI mail is returned as undeliverable, the CIRI records are placed on hold and any distributions are held pending receipt of a valid address. Shareholders can fill out the change of address form at CIRI’s offices, download it from the CIRI website or send a signed and dated letter that includes the new address, telephone number, birth date and the last four digits of their social security number.

As of 07/02/2014

Thelma Victoria Baker
Donna Irene Beltz
Kristina Michelle Boster
Steven Patrick Bright
James Patrick Brown
Seth Thomas Bryant
Diana Marie Call
Lawrie W. Campbell Jr.
Oliver Wendell Chapman
James Dennis Clark
Stephen Mark Colovich
William Al Crisp
Jonathan Kevin Detwiler
Christy Lynn Downs
William D. Ferguson
Matthew Lee Fox
Mandy Lyn Gardner
Elizabeth Rae Garza
Diana Dawn Henderson
Christopher Marion-Stone Jacobsson
Michael Joseph Johnson
Alyssa J. Kashevaroff
William Jack Lamont III
Lillian Martha Landi
Albert Roy Lindstrom
Michael West Mason
Richard Lee Pedersen
Martina R. Phillips
Patricia Ann Rhymes
Dale Edward Rude
Thomas Wayne Sampson
Jacqualine Sue Silook
Edward Lee Swift
Veronica Ann Takeuchi
Sara Louise Thorpe
Erna Weldin