Missing Shareholders, November 2015

The following CIRI shareholders do not have a current mailing address on record. When CIRI mail is returned as undeliverable, distributions are held and the shareholder does not qualify to participate in any prize drawings until the address is updated. Shareholders can fill out the change of address form at CIRI’s offices, download it from the CIRI website or send a signed and dated letter that includes the new address, telephone number, birth date and the last four digits of their social security number.

(As of 12/1/2015)

Edgar Ailak
Carla M. Arshen
Ernest Dale Baker Jr.
Steven Lawrence Bartels
Timothy Vern Bell
Mary Laura Bergamaschi
Chassie Rae Berntsen
Kenneth Lawrence Boyle
Chase Lynn Brewer
Richard Kenneth Bright
Steven Patrick Bright
James Patrick Brown
Diana Marie Call
Salina Lynn Cooper
Louise Ann Copeland
Tamra Lee Cox
Juan Eugene Delacruz Jr.
Judy Ann Dennis
Jeremiah Lester Dilts
Christy Lynn Downs
Danny Dreamkowski
Exenia Dushkin
Victor John Dushkin Jr.
Maribeth Forrest
Audriana Bonnie Foss
William Joseph Fuller
Susan Helene Gonzalez
Vera Ann Gregory
James Vincent Hughes
Christopher Marion-Stone Jacobsson
Edward Charles Ayak Johnson
Margaret Elizabeth Kaloke
Alyssa J. Kashevaroff
Laura Keaton
Dustin Mitchel Kilborn
Agapia Susie Kozeroff
Debra Kay Marth
Jack Joseph Milligan
Shaun Michael Moore
Karina Eleanor Anne Munson
Frank Spoon Nanooruk
Diane Lea Nappier
Nolan Ryan Ogle-Endresen
Anisha Lee Oksoktaruk-Lumiansky
Shanda Michelle O’Neill
Bryan Lee Outwater
Jerid Francis Rednall
Patricia Ann Rhymes
Lindsey Morgan Roberts
Sharon Renee Rutan
Michael Robin Shearer
Jacqualine Sue Silook
Don Foster Simmonds
Veronica Ann Takeuchi
Gerald Turner Jr.
Anthony Wayne Waterbury
Jamaal Earl Wheeler
Cody Douglas White
Steven John Whitley
Jarred J. Wilson
Christine Sandell Yingling