New prize drawing for confirmed descendants

Email address must be valid to win

Shareholder sisters Halitopa and Nafehna Farve. Photo by Andre Horton, Yuit, LLC.
Shareholder sisters Halitopa and Nafehna Farve. Photo by Andre Horton, Yuit, LLC.

CIRI regularly communicates with descendants through eNewsletters and announcements regarding items of interest, such as upcoming events, new programs and services and educational, training and job opportunities.

In an effort to encourage descendants to keep their information updated, beginning in 2015, quarterly prize drawings for a Fitbit will be conducted from the names of all confirmed, registered descendants (those who have been issued a CIRI descendant identification card). An email will be sent to each winner at the email address specified for receipt of CIRI eNewsletters. If the email address is not valid, another winner will be selected. The random drawings will be conducted for the quarters ending March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31.

Descendant contact information may be updated online, using a form available on CIRI’s website, or an email with the changed information may be sent to [email protected]. If sending an email, please note that the change is being submitted for a descendant, include the descendant’s full name and also include a working phone number in case there are any questions.

Not a registered descendant yet?

The CIRI Descendant Registry is for direct lineal descendants (e.g., the children, grandchildren, etc.) of CIRI shareholders who are not CIRI shareholders themselves. To register, descendants must submit a completed registration form and the appropriate legal documents to substantiate descent from a CIRI shareholder. These are the same documents that are required when a shareholder wishes to gift shares to an eligible family member, or when lineal descendants of an original shareholder apply to The CIRI Foundation for scholarships or grants. Identification cards are issued to confirmed descendants. The cards indicate whether or not the bearer is a direct lineal descendant of an Alaska Native CIRI shareholder and may assist in proving eligibility to receive services from various agencies and organizations. They may also be used to check in at CIRI events if the descendant arrives before the shareholder and may be presented to vendors and shareholder and descendant business owners that provide descendant discounts. Visit the CIRI website for additional information and registration forms.