Registering as a CIRI Descendant provides a strong connection to CIRI and is an important step in accessing benefits and programs that are available to CIRI Descendants.  

CIRI invites Descendants of CIRI Shareholders to register their information with the corporation. The CIRI Descendant Registry is for direct lineal descendants (e.g., the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.) of CIRI Shareholders. 

To register, descendants must submit a completed registration form and a copy of the state-issued birth certificate establishing the relationship to a CIRI Shareholder. If the descendant’s name differs from the name on the birth certificate, or if the Shareholder’s name on the descendant’s birth certificate is different from the name CIRI has on file, copies of the legal document(s) substantiating the name change are also required (e.g., a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption decree or other legal document). 

Identification cards are issued to confirmed descendants.