As an ANCSA corporation, CIRI works to benefit its Shareholders not just today but for generations to come. Shareholders can help extend this legacy by having a valid, up-to-date Stock Will on file with CIRI.   There are several ways a Shareholder may complete a new Stock Will: 
  1. Download the CIRI Stock Will form. You may execute (sign) before two witnesses or a notary. Note, you may, but are not required to, sign your CIRI Stock Will in front of a notary and two witnesses to make it self-proving under Alaska law.
  2. Call CIRI’s probate team or Shareholder Relations Department to request a blank Stock Will form. 
  3. Visit CIRI’s Shareholder Relations Department to request and complete a new Stock Will. Staff from CIRI’s probate team or Shareholder Relations Department are available to witness and notarize. 

Save time and make an appointment!

CIRI’s probate team can help you… 

complete and notarize your CIRI Stock Will  

provide you with a copy of an existing CIRI Stock Will you may have on file 

Call (907) 263-5540 or toll free (833) 263-5136 to schedule your appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming to family and friends. Having a current CIRI Stock Will on file with CIRI helps ensure your CIRI stock is transferred to the individual(s) or organization(s) you choose and helps the estate process flow more smoothly. 

CIRI urges its Shareholders to update their will(s) after giving or receiving a gift of stock, upon the death of a designated beneficiary (who you have chosen to leave some or all of your CIRI stock to) or if additional shares are inherited. Marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of children and other life changes are also reasons to complete a new will. 

Notary assistance may be found by visiting CIRI’s Shareholder Relations Department, where members of the probate team and/or Shareholder Relations can assist in witnessing and notarizing your CIRI Stock Will. We encourage you to contact CIRI probate staff at (907) 263-5540 or toll-free at (833) 263-5136 to schedule an appointment for this service, and you will need to bring a copy of a photo ID. 

You may also visit your local bank and, in Alaska, village postmasters are also authorized to act as a notary but must follow certain guidelines set out by Alaska law, including inclusion of their title as postmaster when signing. 


If you need a copy of your existing CIRI Stock Will on file, please contact the CIRI probate staff at (907) 263-5540 or toll-free at (833) 263-5136. 

Fractional shares are created when a single whole share is or was divided as part of settlement of a CIRI stock estate. As of June 2012, it is CIRI’s policy to disallow the creation of new fractional shares and to freeze any existing share fractions. In other words, existing share fractions will not be further divided, and single shares will not be split. 

CIRI’s Shareholders should consider this fractional share policy when completing a new CIRI Stock Will. 

CIRI will not split share fractions. 


Any existing share fraction must be directed to one beneficiary. 


For example: If you own 10.5 shares and wish to split those shares as equally as possible between two people, write in 5 shares for one person and 5.5 for the other person. Your shares may not be divided so that each person receives 5.25 shares of stock. 

CIRI will distribute stock in whole shares only. 


If the number of shares you own will not divide equally in whole shares among your selected beneficiaries, indicate the beneficiary(ies) who should receive the larger portions. 


For example: If you own 100 shares and wish to split those shares as equally as possible among three people, write in 33 shares for two people and 34 shares for one person. 

Please contact the CIRI probate staff at (907) 263-5540 or toll-free at (833) 263-5136 if you need assistance with devising (leaving) fractional shares. 

Yes. Shareholders may devise (leave) their CIRI stock by will to any person(s) of their choosing. There is no requirement for a recipient to be Alaska Native or a relative. However, any inheritor who is not Alaska Native or a proven descendant of an Alaska Native (as defined by ANCSA) will receive non-voting stock. Then, upon his/her death, the shares would once again carry voting rights if inherited by an Alaska Native or descendant of an Alaska Native. CIRI stock left to an organization will also be non-voting. 

Maybe. The laws and legal rules associated with the distribution of CIRI stock through a general will can be complex. As such, CIRI strongly encourages its Shareholders speak to with an attorney before attempting to devise (leave) CIRI stock through a general will.