CIRI’s 50th Anniversary—June 8, 2022

CIRI was established June 8, 1972, under terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. CIRI started business with entitlements to 1.25 million acres of land and an additional 2.25 million acres of subsurface estate, $78 million in seed capital and 6,278 original Shareholders.  

Today, our more than 9,100 Shareholders and their Descendants represent a cross-section of virtually every Alaska Native group from throughout the state—a unique cultural diversity that makes us stronger. CIRI and the CIRI Settlement Trust have paid more than $1.2 billion in cumulative distributions to Shareholders—more than any other Alaska Native regional corporation.       

CIRI’s 50th anniversary gives us the opportunity to not only reflect, but to reimagine, to learn, adapt, innovate and grow. By harnessing the power of people and collaboration, and by grounding our corporation’s purpose in the Alaska Native values that have guided our people for thousands of years, we face the future with strength and confidence.  




As we reflect on the past 50 years and look to the future, we contemplate how CIRI can remain relevant and thriving for Shareholders, Descendants and their families.  

In 2021, CIRI reached out to Shareholders, Descendants, employees and partners in Alaska and throughout the nation to collect feedback on what they would like to see from our corporation in the future. Utilizing the information gathered. CIRI refreshed its vision that will guide our actions into the future: A future where all CIRI stakeholders thrive. 



CIRI is a Best-in-Class Corporation  

  • Cultivate a resilient portfolio of investments.  
  • Provide outsized financial performance.  
  • Demonstrate extraordinary stewardship of our land and resources.  
  • Optimize the CIRI Settlement Trust.  
CIRI Shareholders and Descendants Thrive  

  • Include and welcome CIRI Shareholders and Descendants.  
  • Be relevant to Shareholders and Descendants.  
  • Connect at all life stages.    
CIRI is a United and Visionary Leader 

  • Catalyze united and visionary leadership.  
  • Leverage every strength.  
  • Enrich quality of life.  
CIRI is a Cultural Champion  

  • Embrace all cultures.  
  • Embody a culture of celebration.  
  • Support and create cultural bridges.   





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